(Sung in Kalenjin)

Ng’eet Akiilu, ng’eet akiilu (Arise and shine)
For the Glory of the Lord has risen up on you
Ng’eet o, akiilu (Arise and shine)

Logoiwech che miach, Eh bororyo (Good news, brethren)
Inye ne iratat, inye ne inyorot (To the bound and captive)
Kige wirta wirten, ma itinye kamang’uno (You’ve been bruised, with no hope)
Ime mesundeito, ma i kereter (You’ve been burdened, and see no future)
Lekleten nyigisindet (Lay down your burden)
It’s a new season, It’s a new beginning


Kenyit nito ne chamat, Kenyi nito nebo kiptaiyat
(This is a blessed year, a year of the Lord)
Makororoptoi asistang’ung’, ama komeny araweng’ung’
(Neither your sun or your moon will harm you)
Agoi kesuge betusie chebo rirek (Until the days of mourning end)
Ne ka tai oret kilagu chepkule ne bo lelesta (And we are crowned with crowns of praise)
Ak ingoryet nebo kalosunet (And the garment of praise)


Arise and shine for your light has come
And the Glory of the Lord has risen up on you
It’s a new beginning its a new dawn
Its a year of restoration, the year of jubilee
Beautiful ashes, an ode of joy and a garment of joy
Will give you, Arise!