I praise Your Name with all my heart
With all my soul, with all my strength
You’ve proven me so many times
How much You care about my life
I lift my hand to testify
Your Grace and Love upon my life
Let me show You how much I love
To praise Your Name before the world.

You brought me back to life O
You made me so glad, O
You blessed me so much O
It’s only by Your Grace

(From the top)

I’m a witness, witness
I’m a witness, witness of the Lord
I’m a conqueror, conqueror
I’m a conqueror, through the Love of God
I’m stronger, stronger
I’m stronger, through the Name of God!


I’m not ashamed to declare Your Word
You are very wonderful to me
I’m not ashamed to dance for You
You are very powerful to me
Oluwa (God) if it’s not for you, where I fo be O
Your are very marvelous to me.


Ah Chineke, money in my pocket
Food on my table
You are faithful to me baba oh.

You too much O x3
Chineke you too much O
You too much O
Obani You too much O