(Sung in Zulu)

Qina, qina (Be strong, Stand firm)
Qina ukayekhukhulwa (Stand firm and do not be shaken)
Qina, qina, Ungakhathali (Stand firm and do not be weary) (Repeat)

Thina siphiwe (We have been given)
Siphiw’ amandla (We have been given the power)
Ekazini, elemvana (In the work of the lamb)
Sithi phakama, ukubheke (We remain standing,.?.)
Ungakhathali (Do not give up) (Repeat)


Wena uphiwe (You have been given)
Uphiw’ amandla (Given the Power)
Wakumelena nasitheke (By the Most High)
Sithi qina, qina (I say stand firm)
Ungabuyeli emuva (Never look back)

Nom’ uSathane, yehla sela (Even if the devil should come down)
Qina basalwane (Believers stand firm)
Bambelela kusimakade (Hold on to the Ancient of Days)
Qina, qina, qina, qina …. (Stand firm x?)
Ungabuyeli emuva (Never look back)