Mighty God, I bless Your Name
Miracle God, I give You praise
You’re never late, always on time
All Powerful, I worship You (Repeat)

Almighty God, I trust You Lord
This delay, is not denial
I know You have, the final say
Oh Faithful God, You never fail

My God is never late
Never late, never late
He’s always on Time! (Repeat)

Almighty God, I depend on You
Miracle God, no one can do the things You do
You never deceive, no no no no, You never disappoint me
Oh Glorious, I worship You

I call You the Unchanging-Changer
Covenant-Keeping God
Healer of my scars, Oh You never lie no no no
I’m living proof of Grace, is what I am
Oh who on earth, can withhold my praise?


It doesn’t matter how long it takes
It doesn’t matter how long I’ll wait
Doesn’t matter how long, I’ll trust You
‘Cause You’re always on time

Always on time!


Oh… always on time! x?