Ke Alfa Le Omega (The Alpha and the Omega) Lyrics sung by Vuyo Mokoena

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(Sung in Sotho — A Chorus)

Jeso ke yena wa mathomo
(Jesus is the beginning)
Jeso ke yena wa mafelelo
(Jesus is the end)
Ke Alfa le Omega
(He is the Alpha and the Omega)

Ke Alfa le Omega
(He is the Alpha and the Omega) (Repeat)

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Khomelela (Hold On) Lyrics by Vuyo Mokoena

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(Sung in Tsonga)

Ndzi ta khomelela ka xona
(I will hold on to the cross)
Ndzi ku ndzi khoma hari yanga
(Until I receive my crown)

O thi wowowo…

Famb’ ku vonakaleni x3
(Walk towards the light) x3
Ku vonakaleni Ka Xikwembu
(Walk towards the Light of God)

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I Feel Like Going On Lyrics by Benjamin Dube

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(Non-English part sung in Zulu)

I feel like going on, I feel like going on
Though trials (may) come, on every hand
I feel like going on

Kuzohlatshelelwa khona (We will sing praises there)
Phezhu/Sitshu Haleluya, sitshu Haleluyah (Saying Halellujah!)
Njengo mfula uhlokoma (Like a mighty river)
Ku dunyiswa iNkosi ngale (We will rejoice praising God in heaven)

Webathandwa yekinhlanhla (Beloved you are lucky/blessed)
Yokukholwa kuyuJesu (To be called sons of Jesus)
Ekuphatha ngezakhizandla (He holds you in his hands)
Akuyise ekhaya ngale (And lead you home on the other side)

Let Me Come to You (Vuyo’s Last Song) Lyrics by Vuyo Mokoena/Rebecca Malope


Jesus, my healer;
Jesus, my comforter
The pain that I feel now is nothing
Compared to the pain You felt at the cross

Just for me, Just for me
That alone gives me strength
Sometimes I feel, I feel like giving up
But I’m always reminded – that by your stripes
By your stripes, By your stripes; I’m healed

There is so much power, but the only power: Resurrection power
I will rise up from this bed, And lift up your Holy Name
Yes, You are the Holy one
Your name is Jesus, son of the living God
Your name is Jehovah
Oh, let me come; Let me come, to You

Let me come; Let me come… to You

Ntate Nthuse (God help me) Lyrics by Jabu Hlongwane and Vuyo Mokoena


(Sung in Tswana)

Ntate nthuse, (God help me)
Le nna kea rata Ho bona manyeloi, (I would love to see the Angels)
Thabeng ea Sione, Le bahalaledi, (Together with the Saints, on the mountain of Zion)

Ha e duma ya tsamaya, Koloi ea Elijah (When It’s time, Elijah’s chariot will leave)
Ha e duma ya tsamaea, Koloi ea Elijah (When It’s time, Elijah’s chariot will leave)

(Verse 1)

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