(Are you there? Listen I got a question for you tell me)
Who can walk upon the sea? x3
Jesus the son of God (Repeat)

Nguban’ ongahamba ngaphezu kolwandle? x3
(Who is He that can walk on the sea)
Jesus the son of God (Repeat)

Hold my hand, let me stand
Lord I believe, with you I can
Please walk with me; Don’t let me fall
Jesus the son of God (Repeat)

Do you believe in Jesus? (Yeah)
Do you believe in my Lord (oh yeah)
Do you believe in Jesus?/that He’s a savior? (Yeah)
Keep me out and around – Keep my feet into the ground

Who woke you up this Morning? (Jesus)
Started you on your way (Jesus)
Filled you with love/joy (Jesus)
Picked me up turned me around put my feet on the ground


Thank you Jesus, thank you good Lord
I lost my faith, but you helped me reach for it
[…] My salvation was […]
Without Jesus who I’ll be […]
People want to sleep around get drunk and party
And everything we do just kills us slowly
But even in that, […]
Even in turmoil (I am blessed)[…]
So whether I’ve little (Hey hey)
Or whether I’m blessed (Hey hey)
As long as I have Jesus (Yeah)
I’ll have you know (Yeah yeah yeah)