(Her new version of this song [YouTube])
(Languages: English, Zulu)

Ngiyakuthanda Nkosi yam’ (I love you my Lord)
Wamamela kukhala kwam’ (You heard my cries)
Wangihawukela wangiduduza (you pitied me and comforted me)
Konke ukuphila kwam’ (As long as I live)
Ngithembe wena (I will trust in you)
Ungumhlengi wam’, ungumsindisi wam’ (You are my helper; my redeemer)

I love the Lord; He heard my cries,
And pitied every groan;
Long as I live, when troubles rise,
I’ll hasten to His throne

Refrain: I’ll hasten to the throne
When my heart is full of pain I know I can – I’ll run to your throne
My knees are so weak that I cannot pray, but I’ll hasten to your throne
When everybody has shown their backs on me, but I’ll run to your throne
He said “Come to me, lay down all you who are weary
Take my yoke upon you, for my burden’s so light”
Sometimes my body maybe ill, but said (you said you’re my healer)x4
So I’m healed!

I can go, I can go… to the Lord
Whatever I need… He has it
So I don’t need to worry, no no
See, sometimes people may tell you things:
They may tell you that you’re nothing
They may tell you that you’re nobody
They may tell you that you’re not gonna make it
But I came to let you know that with God, you can
You see, I can do all things through Christ
Who strengthens me – day in and day out
Cause he’s my strength, whenever I am weak He gives me wings like an eagle
So I can, you can make it,

Sometimes it seems like you’re praying and nothing is happening
I came to let you know, let you know, it’s just a test
Just hold on a little bit longer, hold on a little bit longer
Hold on to his promises x3
Hold on! x5