Mandilive (Let Me Hear) Lyrics by Bukiwe Twani


(Sung in Zulu)

Mandilive izwi lakho (let me hear Your word)
Yehova ndizigcine kulo (Jehovah, let me stay in it)

Oh Ba Ndisemtsha Thixo (as young as I am)
Thath’ uqobo lwami (take me as I am)
Oh undisikelele (protect me)

Ameni, Oh yebo ameni, Amen (Amen, Oh Amen)
Ameni, Amen, Amen Amen

Ndikunika uqobo lwami (Amen I give You myself) (x…)

Bonang (Behold) by William Sejake (Joyous Celebration 12)


(Sung in Sotho)

Bonang ho hlahile Maru (Behold is our savior at the clouds)
Ya shwetseng batho kgale (Who died for us long ago)
O tla khutla legodimong (He will come back from heaven)
Ho phuta batho bohle (To gather his people) (Repeat)

Halleluja, Halleluja, Dumelang Hallelujah
(Halleluja, Halleluja, Believe Hallelujah)
Halleluja, Halleluja, Dumelang Hallelujah
(Halleluja, Halleluja, Believe Hallelujah)(Repeat)

Itumeleng Bana ba me (Rejoice my children)
Ho bohle ba ntathang (All you who love me)
Siyang Mobu Le Phahame (Leave the dust and arise)
Tlong ho nna Atamelang (Come to me, come closer)


Mafatshe A thothomela (The earth is shaking)
Mafika a phetoha (The rocks are turning)
Dinaledi tsa wela (The stars are falling)
Letsatsi la fifala (The sun is darkening)


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