Come Holy Spirit Lyrics by Spirit of Praise/ Keke Phoofolo

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Come Holy Spirit x5
We need you now
Come right now x2

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord x4

(From the Top)

Lalelani Iculo Lami (Listen to My Song) By Solly and Keke

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(Sung in Zulu)

Ngiyavuma uma ngaliso, (I acknowledge the wonder)
Oka uKrestu umfeli wami (Of Christ my savior)
Wabushiya ubukhosi (He left his throne)
Wehla wafa ngenxa yami (And died in my place)

Ngineculo ngalo uthando (I have a song about the love)
Luka krestu umfeli wam (Of Christ who died for me)
Ngimbabaza owangifela (I praise the one who died for me)
Lalelani iculo lami (Listen to my song)
Lalelani iculo lami (Listen to my song)

Lalelani iculo lami (Listen to my song) x?


Che Che Che (No No No) Lyrics by Keke Phoofolo


(Sung in Sotho)

Che. Che che che, Che che che, Che che che (No no no) x3
Ha ke so mmone (Ha ke so mmone) x4 (I haven’t seen)

Che che che, Ha ke so mmone x2 (No, I haven’t seen)

Ya tswanang le Jeso (Ha ke so mmone) (Anyone compared to Jesus)
Ha ke so mmone, iye Ha ke so mmone (I haven’t seen)
Ya tswanang le Jeso (Anyone like Jesus)

(Repeat from Top)


Madi a Konyana (Blood of The Lamb) Lyrics by Solly ft Keke (Sefela 356)


(Sung in Sotho)

Na ke bo mang, ba mosedile bohong? (Who are they, […]?)
Ba tlhotlhora, role la le bitla (That are shaking off the dust of the grave)
Ba ya kganya, ba ba sweu (They are bright, they are white)
Ba meqhaka ditlhohong (They have crowns on their heads)

Bohang seema, ha ba hlaha ka khoro (Look at them that come through the gates)
Jerusalema e mocha, e mocha (The new Jerusalem)
Pina tsa bona tse tsiswang ke nyakallo (Their songs are full of Joy)
Ke madi a konyana x2 (It is the blood of the lamb)

O ya galalela, O ya galalela (You are holy, You are holy)
O ya galalela, Modimo wa kgotla (You are holy, our God)

Inyanga Enkulu (The Great Physician) Lyrics by Solly Mahlangu, Keke and Zanele


(Sung in Zulu and Sesotho)

Zulu – (Solly)
Inyanga enkul’ ikhona la (the Great Physician is here)
Ogama lingu Jesu (His name is Jesus)
Umlulamisi ophansi la (The Physician is here),
Khanimlalele uJesu (listen to Him – Jesus)

Chorus (Zulu)
Liphi eliny’igama la? (Is There any other name?)
Esisindiswa ngalo na? (By which we are saved?)
Alikh’ eliny’igama la, (There is no any other Name)
Elika Jesu lodwa! (Only Jesus’ Name!)

SeSotho – (Keke)
Oho ‘bitso le ratehang!; (Oh, what a lovely Name!)
Ke le letle hakaakang; (Such a beautiful Name!)
Le monate ha le binwa ke batho; (It is sweet when sung by people)
Lebitso la Jesu! (The Name of Jesus!)

(Zulu Chorus)

Part 2 – Zulu
Alikho igama, elihle njengalo! (There no beautiful name such as His!)

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