My Deliverer Lyrics by Brian Themba

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Life can be so rough
There’s so much hate and confusion
But there is one thing, that keeps my spirit high
The knowledge of His unfailing Love
The knowledge of Him who never sleeps
He watches over me!

You are my Deliverer
You are my Protection
You are my Comforter, When my mind is in pain
When I am weak, you say I’m strong
You are my source of strength, You pick me up
You are my Lord, and my King

When the enemy comes like a flood
God will lift the standard against him
Even when fears tries to creep in, in my life
Then suddenly I’m surrounded with His Glory
My lips begin to shout Hallelujah
It is good to know, oh Yes!


I thank God for salvation, and His son
He gave me new life, my soul is singing
And that is why I say


You are El Shaddai
You are Jehovah Jireh
You are my Deliverer


UJesu Wami (My Jesus) Lyrics by Mthunzi Namba (Joyous Celebration 4)


(Sung in Zulu)

UJesu wami uyaphila (My Jesus is alive)
Ngiyokwesaba ntoni na? (Whom shall I fear?)
Ngoba igazi lakhe linginqobele (I’m a conqueror through His blood)
Ngiyindlalifa yezulu (I’m an heir in heaven)

Ithuna selinqotshiwe (The grave was defeated)
UJesu wami uyaphila (My Jesus is alive)
Ithuna selinqotshiwe (The grave was defeated)
UJesu wami uyaphila (My Jesus is alive)

Kanye Nawe (With You) Lyrics by Mthunzi Namba (Joyous Celebration 6/Rewind)

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(Sung in Zulu) – A Hymn

Kanye nawe, Nkosi yam (To be with you, my God) x2
Mangihamb’imihla yonke (All the days of my life)
Kanye nawe Nkosi yam (To be with you, my God)

Ngizohamba nawe (I will walk with you)
Ngizohlala nawe (I will abide/stay with you)
Ngizonqoba nawe (I shall overcome with you)
Kanye nawe, kanye nawe (With you, with you)
Kanye nawe, Nkosi yami (With you, my God)

My Help Lyrics by Mahalia Buchanan (Joyous Celebration Rewind)


I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
From whence cometh my help?
My help cometh from the Lord
The Lord which made Heaven and Earth

He said: He would not suffer my foot
My foot to be moved
The Lord which keepeth thee
He will not slumber nor sleep

For the Lord is thy keeper
The Lord is thy shade
Upon thy right hand
Upon thy right hand
Though the sun shall not smite me by day
Nor the moon by night
He shall preserve your soul
Even forever more
My help, my help, my help
All of my help cometh from the Lord


Lift up your eyes unto the hills (x?)

Bawo Ndixolele (Forgive Me Father) Joyous 5/Rewind

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(Sung in Xhosa)

Bawo Ndingumntwana waKho, Noko ndonileyo (Father I am your child, though I’ve sinned)
Ndiya lila phambi kwaKho, Bawo Ndixolele (I cry before you, forgive me father)

Bawo Ndixolele, Bawo Ndixolele (Forgive me Father)
Bawo, Bawo Ndixolele (Father forgive me)

Iziphoso zam zininzi, Azinakubalwa; (My sins are many, they cannot be counted)
Noko ndibekise kuWe, Bawo Ndixolele (I still look to you, forgive me Father)

(Refrain) + (Verse 2)+ (Refrain)

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