Forward We Go Lyrics by Mthunzi Namba (Joyous Celebration 16)


(Languages: English, Zulu)
Song part 2: Here

Forward we go, forward we go
Forward we go, with Jesus
No more turning back x2
Forward we go with Jesus

(Same Verse in Zulu)
Ekhaya siyaya, Ekhaya siyaya
Ekhaya siyaya, NgoJesu
Angsey’ o kufa, Angsey’ okufa
Ekhaya siyaya, NgoJesu


No, no no no no
I will never go back anymore

Icherubim (The Cherubim) Lyrics by Joyous Celebration 16


(Sung in Zulu)

Ikherubim neSerafine (The Cherubim and the Seraphim)
Zimana zimemeza kuwe (They are always in worshiping you) (Repeat)

Izingelosi nezidalwa (Angels and all creatures)
Zezulu ziyakhothama (Of Heaven; bow in worship)
Zona zibabaza igama lakhe (They praise your name)
Sithi yena umkhulu uS’makade (Saying you God are Holy)

Izingelosi nezidalwa (The Angels and all beings)
Zona zezulu ziyakhothama (of Heaven bow in worship)
Zona ziyababaza (They praise) x4
Zith’ uyingcwele bawo (Saying you are Holy Father)

Zithi ngcwele, zithi ngcwele (They cry Holy! They cry Holy!)
Zimana zimemeza kuwe (They always worship you) (Repeat)

(Verse 1)  + Chorus

Work of the Blood Lyrics by Ncebakazi Nkansu (Joyous Celebration 16)


As you see me today, once was lost to sin
I was as good as dead, when the Lord found me
He said come; the price has been paid
Your sins are forgiven, through my blood
Gave you a new name, as I set you free

The blood of Jesus Christ; the blood of the blameless lamb
The blood to cleanse me, the blood to rescue me
What you see today, is the work of the blood

Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness
Of sin that’s God’s standard
So when the devil stood before God’s throne
To accuse me for all my sins
It took Christ to stand in my place
He tore his robe, to show stripes on his back
He was bruised on his hands and his feet
And opened my way; a new name


Because of your great work Lord, We wanna say
Thank you. Oh thank you
You came down, thank you
Just to lift me up, so I thank you Lord
You left your throne, thank you
You had me in mind, thank you
What you see today, is the work
Nothing but the work of the blood

Jesus we adore you, We wanna say to you (Thank you)

Chorus 2:
For the blood (Thank you), for my life (Thank you)
For your grace (I thank you Lord)
For my peace (Thank you), For my joy (Thank you)
What you see today, is the work of the blood

You went to Calvary just to purchase me

(Chorus 2)

What you see today, is the work of the blood…

More Than a Conqueror Lyrics by Zodwa Mahlangu (Joyous Celebration 16)


(Languages: English, Zulu)

I am more
More than a conqueror
Through Christ my Lord

UJesu unginqobele (Jesus is the conqueror)
Ngingaphezu komnqobi (More than any other)
UJesu unginqobele  (Jesus is the conqueror)
Ngingaphezu (More than)

Ngingaphezu (I am More)
Phezu komnqobi (More than a conqueror)
NgoJes’ iNkosi yami (Through Jesus my Lord)

I am more
More than a conqueror
Through Christ my Lord

I Beat Medley Lyrics by Khaya Mthetwa (Joyous Celebration 16)


(Sung in Zulu)

Verse 1:
Sithi Oh Msindisi (We say, Oh Savior)
Oh Msindisi, oh Msindisi Nguwe olithemba lam
(Oh Savior, oh Savior; You are my hope)

Verse 2:
Ithemba lam Baba (My hope Father)
Ithemba lam ndonyuka nalo (I will rise with my hope)
Ndingene endumisweni (To enter the place of praise)

Verse 3:
Ndingene, ndingen’ endumisweni Baba (To enter the place of praise Father)
Oh ndingene endumisweni, (Oh To enter the place of praise)

Verse 4:
Ngena, oh ngena ngob’ indawo isekhona (Come in because there’s still a space left)
Ngena, ngena, indawo isekhona (Come in, come in there is still room)
Ngena nawe mama, Ngena nawe Baba (Come in you mother, come in you Father)
Ngena, ngena, indawo isekhona (Come in, come in there is still room)

Verse 5:
Ngonyama kaJuda, Wanqob’uSathane (Lion of Judah You defeated Satan)
Xa simi ngakuwe sonqotshwa ngubani (If we stand by you who will defeat us)

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